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Automation Project Success

In any industry, there are certain factors that are crucial to a project’s success. We’ve identified four pillars that are essential in the automation industry and without taking these four factors into consideration, it’s likely that your automation project is destined to fail – or at risk of mishap at the very least. So without […]

4 Steps to a Successful Factory Acceptance Test

Executing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), is a major milestone in any project, well, at least it should be. It’s part of the project that can sometimes be overlooked. It’s also the part of the project that, if done incorrectly, is going to come back and cost you tenfold down the line. The FAT is […]

5 Signs Your Project is Going Bad

We don’t need to tell you the importance of a project staying on track. There are a multitude of different scenarios that can hold up or even derail what seems like the most solid of projects, and it can not only cost you time, but a large amount of money to boot. It’s crucial to […]

Automation is an Opportunity Not a Cost

Automation isn’t exactly a new concept and there are a number of big industries and countries that do it well. Unfortunately Australia isn’t one of them, not even close, and to put it frankly, it’s a little embarrassing. Some of our companies are actually outsourcing key areas to other countries, producing in many cases a […]

The Internet of Things IOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is touted as a global megatrend and marks a key future development path for many industries. This is particularly true for the manufacturing industry, where there is a heavy focus to continuously improve productivity in order to remain competitive. When recently addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, German […]

Industry 4.0 The fourth Industrial Revolution

The first three phases of the industrial revolution are said to have evolved through Mechanisation, Electrification and Computerisation. Now, with Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution is taking place in the form of Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, the factory floor will link the virtual world of conceptualisation, simulation, intelligent devices, and total integrated automation; […]