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Automation Project Success

In any industry, there are certain factors that are crucial to a project’s success. We’ve identified four pillars that are essential in the automation industry and without taking these four factors into consideration, it’s likely that your automation project is destined to fail – or at risk of mishap at the very least. So without […]


James Hardie is one of the leading building product manufacturers in both Australia and the US. They’re all things cement, cladding and fibre-reinforcement, and are innovatively and ethically guided, with an area focused on sustainable projects. One of their core values is to “challenge convention within the construction industry and lead the way in delivering […]

5 Signs Your Project is Going Bad

We don’t need to tell you the importance of a project staying on track. There are a multitude of different scenarios that can hold up or even derail what seems like the most solid of projects, and it can not only cost you time, but a large amount of money to boot. It’s crucial to […]